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Oppose Safe Cosmetics Act HR5786

Author: Melanie McCullough of Herbal Natures


Health problems and the yearning to eliminate a majority of synthetic chemicals in her environment inspired Melanie to research and prepare products for her own use. With encouragement of friends and family, she opened her own small business ~ Herbal Natures, a 9-year-old e-commerce business.

Herbal Natures


Recently, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, with the backing of congressional representatives, and even Holywood has launched another attempt at scaring consumers into thinking "big brother is watching out for you". Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010, sponsored by Reps. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc. Was introduced on Capitol Hill.

While the safe use of ingredients used in personal care products is of the utmost priority, this act will not, and cannot guarantee this. Charging an annual fee to companies with sales over $1,000,000 sounds good, but in reality, that only proves the companies can afford the fee, not that they are in compliance to rules and regulations! For those companies that cannot afford the fee? Simply put, they will be out of business………, but does that mean the company did not offer quality products with GRS – generally regarded as safe, ingredients? Not at all!

Personal Care Products Council's president and chief executive officer, Lezlee Westine, stated: "For decades, the industry has had an impeccable safety record under the existing requirements implemented by FDA under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Our products remain among the safest in the marketplace." The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has very explicit requirements for labeling cosmetic products, and the ingredients used in these products. Why then do we need more legislation, fees, and additional testing on ingredients already GRS – generally regarded as safe? Perhaps there is a hidden agenda?

Eliminate the competition …. What better way to eliminate the competition than by hiding under the pretense of protecting the consumer? And, think about it – this legislation does not include imported products. Imported products, today, and in the future", still be allowed into our mainstream consumer market without having to adhere to the same regulations as US based businesses. Larger US manufacturing companies, with off-shore holdings, sitting as board members and advisors on off shore companies, and not having to comply with the same regulations as US only based companies.

Is the consumer being protected more? No! The unsuspecting consumer, thinking all these additional requirements will make their products safer, is being led down the path of political and monetary gain of large corporations, politicians, and very powerful tax-exempt organizations.

Once again, the possibility of a smaller business, to stay in business, is questionable. Once again, as a consumer, my choices would be limited to products manufactured by companies able to pay large fees, initiate records for additional testing, and still not be able to actually prove the ingredients used are not going to cause cancer!


Additional reading and link to sign the petition to oppose this act:

Melanie McCullough
Herbal Natures

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